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We are truly living in extraordinary times.  For those organisations providing key services to support our communities the demand for online, remote services is unprecedented.  This is not the time to have to reallocate precious resources to increase your website’s and key systems performance capability. 

We know that almost every organisation will already have significantly moved to remote working in the shortest of timescales, and many of you will be facing challenges around access, performance or usability of your key systems. Our engineers can help understand what is stopping your team from working effectively and help quickly tune your systems to get better results.

Similarly, the shift to online business is putting huge demands on your web and customer portals. Our experts can assess your systems and recommend how to respond to the increased traffic you need to support.

Edge is a market leader in web based performance and load testing and has a strong pedigree of working with healthcare and government bodies. If you are in the frontline, then we want to help you. Our experts are available at free of charge to all organisations undertaking key activities in the fight against COVID-19.

Please contact us to see how we can help: or speak to Robert Maxfield on 07976 940017.

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