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Last week, we saw the suggested amendment to the Finance Bill –  tabled by Tory MP David Davis to delay IR35 reforms until 2023-2024 – get defeated in parliament despite arguments for the Government to conduct a full review of the legislation. 

Given the magnitude of public spending during the Covid-19 pandemic, it’s not surprising that the Government is keen to push ahead with the reforms in April 2021 as the Treasury will be keen to recoup tax wherever possible. 

Whilst IR35 may not be top of the business agenda right now, as we emerge from this crisis the utilisation of a flexible workforce will no doubt be integral to businesses that are looking to restart critical projects and want the flexibility to scale. 

We urge private sector businesses to get their houses in order before April 2021. For those businesses that have imposed blanket assessments and bans on engaging contractors though PSCs – perhaps it’s time to reflect and reconsider such decisions. Engaging contractors outside the scope of IR35 can be done compliantly and, if done correctly will be a distinct competitive advantage. 

It’s equally crucial for contractors to prepare for the legislation changes. April 2021 will bring changes, whatever path you choose. But with Colnort, they don’t have to be drastic – and you can stay in control and outside IR35. Make sure you’re tax-compliant, prepared for the future and in the driving seat.

Let Colnort help you get ready for when the economy reboots. Until we come out on the other side of the lockdown, we’re available remotely to help both contractors and companies with any questions you may have.

To find out more or talk to us, please call 0203 971 5668 or email

N.B.  If you’re worried about IR35, our expert advice piece ‘Know the Facts – working with IR35’ by employment lawyer & IR35 expert Martyn Valentyn, may help you plan for the future and put your mind at ease.

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