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IT Training - Creative IT and Digital Media Training. Authoriosed Adobe, Autodesk, Unity and Blackmagicdesign Training. 


Want to become a better graphic designer, web developer, computer game developer, video editor, 3D specialist or CAD expert? Academy Class digital media training courses offer a fast and fun way to knit your natural talents with the latest technologies to improve your knowledge and skills. 

Learn the basics, delve more deeply into advanced learning or access unlimited learning all year long! 


The choice is yours, but the time is now. Why? Because success in our digital age rests on marketability, that elusive “secret” quality which makes employers want to hire you, or makes customers want to buy from you. The “secret” is simple: to be truly marketable, you must invest in yourself first. At Academy Class, you will learn hot new skills and technologies at one of six convenient UK training facilities in London, Manchester, Glasgow, Newcastle, Cardiff and Birmingham or at your own location. Experienced Academy Class instructors eagerly nurture your creativity, and small class sizes ensure you’ll gain the confidence and credibility needed to outshine the competition well into your successful future. Best of all, Academy Class courses are fun, flexible, and affordable. And on top of that, we are the only UK training partner authorised by Adobe, Apple, Autodesk and Quark.


8 Benefits of Academy Class Digital Media Training

  • looks terrific on your resume
  • increases your career opportunities 
  • enhances your potential, in business and in life
  • makes you a more attractive employee or job candidate
  • provides targeted knowledge to help you compete in the business world
  • sharpens your natural talents
  • helps you reach goals: a more satisfying lifestyle, a more meaningful career, a higher income

Wild Industry Growth Spurs Increase in Academy Class Courses. Did you know…

  • Texting among UK consumers sends has doubled in four years?  More than 150 billion text messages were sent in 2011. 
  • UK residents, especially young adults, spend about 90 minutes weekly on social networking sites, e-mail, and mobile devices and…making fewer actual phone calls?
  • 37% of UK adults now watch TV via the Internet?
  • (Source: Ofcom Communications Market Report 2012) 

Yes, while traditional forms of communications continue to decline in popularity, more people tune in via digital devices, doubling, tripling, even quadrupling Internet usage. This is the sound of opportunity for creatives like yourself. But you must get the right training to get that sound jingling in your own pocket.

Get it at Academy Class…Where technology meets creativity, in a fun and inspiring environment you’ll want to return to again and again. Find 

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