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6point6 joins world’s top companies committed to tackling the climate crisis

This article was originally published on 27 January 2023. 
You can read the original article on the 6point6 website here.



Technology delivery specialist 6point6 announces it has joined over 380 organisations as a signatory to The Climate Pledge, committing to achieve net-zero carbon by 2040 – a decade ahead of the Paris Agreement’s goal of 2050.

Signatories to the Climate Pledge commit to implementing decarbonisation strategies in line with the Paris Agreement through real business changes and innovations, including efficiency improvements, renewable energy, materials reductions, and other carbon emission elimination strategies. The pledge, co-founded by Amazon and Global Optimism in 2019, also calls for the measurement and reporting of emissions.

By joining the Climate Pledge, 6point6 marks a significant step in its long-standing commitment to minimising its environmental impact and delivering more sustainable solutions and services for their clients.

One of the client offerings in the 6point6 portfolio is a newly-developed cloud consultancy service, to help clients minimise their cloud expenditure and carbon footprint with detailed recommendations on cloud infrastructure optimisation. By right-sizing resources and consolidating services, 6point6 is supporting its clients to operate more sustainably whilst also unlocking significant cost savings.

6point6 Chief Executive Officer David Webb said:

“At 6point6, we recognise the importance of addressing the challenges presented by climate change. We also know we have a responsibility to act now to help future generations. That’s why we’re proud to join The Climate Pledge, reinforcing our commitment to sustainability and collaborating with a community committed to achieving net-zero carbon by 2040 through collective action.”

6point6 Director of Architecture and Green Team Leader Ian Mitchell said:

“Reaching net-zero carbon by 2040 or sooner requires commitment, transparency and collaboration, all of which mean doing things differently. So one of the first actions we have taken at 6point6, is to engage colleagues across the business. This includes educating and encouraging employees to adopt climate friendly behaviours, as well as offering more sustainable benefits. For example we have introduced an electric car scheme, offering colleagues who are considering replacing their vehicle, an affordable route to an electric alternative. My team and I are looking forward to working with colleagues, clients, partners and the wider community to deliver our Climate Pledge commitment.”


About The Climate Pledge

In 2019, Amazon and Global Optimism co-founded The Climate Pledge, a commitment to reach the Paris Agreement 10 years early and be net-zero carbon by 2040. 380 organisations have now signed The Climate Pledge, sending an important signal that there will be rapid growth in demand for products and services that help reduce carbon emissions. For more information visit


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