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Case study: EGO

At a glance 

Comparing 60 days pre and post live data for EGO’s UK website, Advanced Commerce has delivered a 15% increase in click through rate, 30% increase in CVR and 16% average revenue per user.

Case study with Manuel, Head of Development at EGO.

Manuel leads the technical team and is responsible for decisions surrounding technical implementations and partner/agency relationships- ensuring these align with EGO’s growth plans.

EGO is an online fashion brand, based in the UK. Initially offering trend-led footwear, they’ve now expanded their product offering to include clothing collections and accessories.

The challenge EGO faced:

"For our merchandising we previously used Magento Enterprise, but the tech had a few glitches. As we were in conversations with an agency to launch a mobile app, we knew EGO needed a high-performance product which worked smoothly for website and app alike. We also found setting up our merchandising strategies to be quite time consuming with Magento Enterprise so needed tech which saved the team time."

Why EGO chose Advanced Commerce:

"When we met with Advanced Commerce’s CEO, André, we found him trustworthy and respected his experience in the eCommerce industry. The technology itself was intuitive and fulfilled all requirements our merchandising team had. After our initial discussions, we met with more members of the Advanced Commerce team, and it was clear AC and EGO would work nicely together in a partnership."

How is EGO using Advanced Commerce?

"We’ve now completely replaced the Magento Enterprise catalogue with Advanced Commerce and mostly use the merchandising segment of the tech. It allows the merchandising team to find products by tags or properties, add them to a category, and then instantly preview how the changes will look on our live site. We also really like being able to use merchandising blends for our recommendations and within our type-ahead search. This allows us to be very visually creative - an important part of our brand at EGO.    

The scheduling feature is also a big one for us. The merchandising team is now able to completely control when campaigns go live (and have the trust that they will go live). This has eased pressures on our merchandising team, as with this feature we have the time to ensure there are no errors, and everything is set up correctly within each catalogue, resulting in successful launches.

We’ve found Katie’s expertise as our Client Services Director very useful. She’s recently conducted a strategy review and optimised selected catalogues with our technical team based on the findings. She’s also provided multiple training sessions with our merchandising team that has given them the confidence to use Advanced Commerce’s tech in full."

The results

Comparing 60 days pre and post live data for EGO’s UK website, Advanced Commerce has delivered the following ROI:

  • We’ve seen a 15% increase in click through rate, 30% increase in CVR and 16% average revenue per user.
  • The overall time spent on merchandising has decreased massively as everything we action is instant. We no longer have to individually save after each amend made within our catalogues – this is now all done automatically.
  • Strategy scheduling has removed previous pressures felt within our merchandising team. We now have ample time to pre-prepare launches and know that the reliable technology will push catalogues live at the scheduled time without fail.
  • The overall performance of EGO’s catalogue has massively improved and the load on our servers has decreased as this is now fully powered and supported by Advanced Commerce.

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