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Datacentreplus launch 24x7 Service Status Page

We are very excited to launch our brand new 27×4 service status page. Our newly created status page is a communication tool that will enable us to better facilitate customer support features through transparent communication of current working status and various services. 

The designated service status page will reliably help communicate the applications of core services, technical issues and scheduled maintenance to our customers. These include ‘network,‘power’ and other important service features, as well as key support services such as our helpdesk support and phone systems. Customers can also view historical information.

The development will also enable our technical support team to notify customers in real-time about updates in incidents and scheduled maintenance, improving customers response times and ensuring consistency of messaging to every one of our customers.

Chris Ashcroft, Head of Technical Services at Datacentreplus says:

“The idea behind this to provide clear, concise and transparent information to our customers during the event of an incident or maintenance period.

“This will allow us to deliver the same message from Datacentreplus to each of our customers”.

You can find more information on our service status page here.

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