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Datacentreplus launch VPS cloud platform to meet customer demand

Datacentreplus are excited to announce the launch of their VPS cloud platform, providing customers with a highly scalable and cost-effective cloud hosting platform

The new VPSplus platform comes with many appealing benefits for businesses, including reduced IT costs, increased collaboration, faster speed to market and improved resilience. There’s also built-in scalability technology, rendering the platform particularly suitable for growing organisations. 

The platform has been fully built in-house, taking nearly 12 months to design, build and test before bringing it to market - keeping security, scalability and resilience in mind throughout. In response to customer feedback and their initial market research, customers can now enjoy safer, faster and simpler hosting services than before.

In designing the new VPS platform, the Manchester hosting company listened to their customers who are concerned about where their data is kept, particularly in view of the UK’s exit from Europe. With that in mind, all data is held and stored in the UK in their own data centre facilities, ensuring peace of mind for customers who are sensitive to the security and residency of their data. 

Security and backup features are included as standard which in turn means less management and admin overhead for customers.  

 Mashukul Hoque, CEO of Datacentreplus, said: 

“The launch of our custom-built VPSplus platform is another milestone in the growth of Datacentreplus and has been the number one requested feature from customers since we started providing hosting services.

“This has been a very technically challenging project, but we were determined to develop the best VPS cloud platform available to our existing and new customers.

“I’m very proud of the work our engineers have put into this, especially as it has been built entirely in-house”.

Datacentreplus’ Head of Technical Services, Chris Ashcroft, concurred: 

“It’s been very exciting to be involved in the ground-up development of our advanced VPS platform. 

"The feedback from our beta customers has been very positive - particularly in terms of speed gains and reduced administration. 

"We are already looking forward to adding many new features to the platform over the coming months.”

If you would like any further information on our VPSplus cloud hosting solution please don’t hesitate to get in touch today – 0161 464 6101.

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