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The Future Of Tech: Insights from Cloud Expo Europe | Tech Takeaway Podcast

Image of co hosts of the tech takeaway podcast

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Join us for the latest episode of the Tech Takeaway Podcast as Gardner CTO, Paul shares insights from his Cloud Expo Europe experience alongside co hosts Wayne and Kealan.

🔍 Explore hot topics like DevOps, Cloud, Data Analytics, and AI trends.
🚀 Learn Paul's strategies for navigating presentations and uncovering genuine tech innovations.
💡 Discover the challenges and successes of AI implementation. 🛠 Dive into the latest AI tools showcased by vendors for optimal performance.
🔮 Gain insights into leveraging AI for maximum value extraction from data. 🕵‍♂ Explore fascinating AI applications in crime investigation.
💾 Learn about the future of AI-integrated cloud storage.

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