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New GFT thought leadership: Data Virtualisation

Data has become a major factor of production and critical source of innovation. In our new GFT thought leadership paper in partnership with Denodo, David Tuppen (Head of Data, Analytics and AI, GFT UK) explains how data virtualisation democratises data access and puts data at the heart of every business decision. 

Data is a major driver of business success. But centralised platforms are often too rigid to meet the diverse data needs across an organisation. In this new paper discover how a democratised architecture can meet the needs of multiple users while preserving a unified data landscape.

Organisations need to create a data mesh that’s flexible, scalable and responsive and allow data to be accessed in real time by those who need it. By building a virtualised layer over disparate sources data is managed as a product across multiple data domains, reducing replication, tightening governance and maximising security.

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