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Meet Lokulus, your workflow automation and AI partner, at this years Call and Contact Centre Expo in London. Connect with the masterminds behind the technology as they showcase how Lokulus can transform your business with an exclusive demo.

If you’re planning on heading to the event, you can book a 30-minute slot on 29 or 30 November to experience first-hand how Lokulus’ innovative workflow automation, AI-driven insights, and virtual assistant offerings are paving the way for the future of customer experience.


Lokulus’ Head of Customer, Thomas Rowland said; “Call and Contact Centre Expo is one of the biggest gatherings of process automation and customer experience professionals in the UK, and as such it offers us an unparalleled opportunity to showcase what Lokulus can do. 

We’ve exhibited at this event regularly in the past and we’re super excited to be back again this year showcasing our AI-driven advancements in automation, our latest personalised self-service offering and generally how Lokulus can help drive increased CSAT at a lower cost to serve. 

We’re providing attendees with the opportunity to ‘take a test drive’ of the Lokulus platform in the form of an exclusive demo created bespoke for your business. If you’ve got 20 minutes, come and see the team on stand CC-E20 and we’d be delighted to showcase how Lokulus can transform your business.”

What are you waiting for? For more information or to book a 30-minute slot with Lokulus' experts at the event, visit their website.

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