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Insight 2024 Trends Report Predicts Societal Shifts will Dramatically Shape IT Industry

Leading Solutions Integrator Insight Launches Report Identifying Five Significant IT Trends for Businesses to Watch Out for

London, England, January 23, 2024 - Insight Enterprises (NASDAQ:NSIT), a Fortune 500 Solutions Integrator driving client success through digital transformation, has released its 2024 Trends Report, highlighting the key trends that will enable businesses to capitalise on the power of new technologies in 2024. 


This report considers a year that has seen increasingly rapid technological change: from the rise in 'phygital' consumers, to IoT and AI, to how organisations balance sustainable working practices with an ever-growing decentralised workforce. Drawing on the many years of combined expertise of Insight’s specialists, as well as current market intelligence, the report highlights the following five trends:


  • Two Worlds Collide: Humanising the Digital Experience – Utilising technology to transform customer and employee experience will be a priority as organisations seek innovative ways to bridge the digital and physical worlds. 
  • Everything AI: Gen AI Will Help Businesses Unlock Data and Maximise Organisational Intelligence – Businesses are progressively leveraging Gen AI to gain valuable insights from their data, boost productivity and improve customer satisfaction. However, they need to think carefully about regulations, governance, data, access, and security. This involves establishing ethical norms, rules, and policies, enforcing robust security measures, and safeguarding data privacy. 
  • The Green Dawn: Sustainable Working Practices in IT and Technology – considering a range of factors from energy usage, supply chain sustainability, and product life cycles to ensure and maintain sustainable business practices.
  • Smart Connectivity: The Rise of IoT is Changing the World – seeing the proliferation of devices and an increased convergence of AI and IoT. Intelligent Edge will play a heavy role here to capture and transform data into knowledge, which also means a holistic approach is needed for cybersecurity.
  • Reshaping the Workplace: Employees Demand More From Decentralised Work – seeing generational shifts, globalisation and a growing remote workforce redefine the workplace, IT can take a key role in driving decentralisation, flexibility and collaboration for businesses.

“Technology is becoming more and more important to our clients. In fact, technology is now at the core of almost all organisations and their business strategies,” said Phil Hawkshaw, Insight EMEA CTO & Director of Technology. “With the pace of technology innovation constantly accelerating and the market continuously changing, we’re seeing that societal shifts are driving the adoption of emerging technologies, and the implications are being felt at all levels of business. As a leading Solutions Integrator, Insight is committed to providing clients with the advice and guidance they need to navigate these complexities. Our second annual Trends Report offers organisations of all sizes a clear overview as to how to leverage the latest technologies in pursuit of their strategic goals. Whether it’s identifying where changes need to be made or how to maintain these technologies and ways of working, our report offers valuable insights into the future to help our clients thrive in this fast-paced digital landscape.”


According to experts in the report, the pace of digital transformation and the race to capitalise on the value of corporate data is only going to speed up. As such, Insight’s experts urge businesses to adapt and flex more quickly, tapping into the wealth of experience that systems integrators, service providers, and consultants can bring to the partnership table.

Read the full Insight 2024 Trends Report here.


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