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Title Pro invited to speak as part of the BBC’s 100 Years Celebrations

The BBC turned 100 this year, and as a celebration the organisation hosted a number of Live Q&A Events in local areas to showcase incredible talent and encourage young leaders of today to get involved in the media industry. 

With a wealth of experience and an inspiring story to go with it, Title Production’s Co-Founder, Nicolay Armando, was invited to speak alongside some amazing peers in the industry at Westhoughton High School. For many of the kids and future entrepreneurs listening, Nicolay’s story of how he came over to the UK from Portugal and set up an award winning video production company is proof that these dreams are achievable. 

Being a young company which sprouted directly from our time at Bolton University, Nicolay wanted to share his career story with this young audience as it is something which should be celebrated. And his story is only just beginning. 

In the audience at Westhoughton High School, many young people’s stories are also beginning and Nicolay was able to share with them the power storytelling has in this industry. 

    “We are what we are today because of storytelling. Your name only means
             something if you have a story attached to it.”

The panel were asked a number of questions from how to get into the industry, the best experiences they have had, and what it takes to achieve success in a media centered society. Title Productions were flattered to have been asked to speak and contribute to the amazing legacy of the BBC and we hope to have inspired some people to kick-start their careers in Film and TV. 

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