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Financial Services And Mastering Remarketing

For financial firms, new client engagement typically involves multiple touchpoints before conversion, and remarketing, with its focus on brand familiarity, achieves a significantly higher click-through-rate (CTR) compared to regular display ads. Despite its potential, a substantial number of businesses in the financial services sector are yet to effectively implement remarketing strategies.

Unfortunately, nearly half of businesses lack tracking systems for remarketing campaigns, with 32% monitoring audiences through only one channel. Remarketing, a potent tool, holds promise in turning targeted visitors into new clients. Leveraging channels like Google, LinkedIn, and Facebook, financial firms can re-engage previous website visitors, a strategy currently underutilised by 78% of industry leaders.

Tailored content is always appreciated by audiences, with effective remarketing allowing firms to utilise customised audience lists, maintain brand recall, increase conversions, and gain valuable insights into audience preferences and behaviours. Learn more about asset management digital transformation trends in our report.

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