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Update on the latest regional cybercrime trends

This event has now ended.

The North West Cyber Resilience Centre is teaming up with ICAEW North West, to discuss the current North West regional cybercrime trends, cyber-enabled fraud scams and the devastating effect HMRC phishing scams can have on a small business.

With the tax return deadline at the forefront of everyone’s mind, we want you to learn more about the online threats you can face; HMRC phishing scams, malware, business impersonation fraud and invoice hijacking.

Be aware that cyber security isn't just about technology and computers: it involves people, information, systems, processes and culture in your organisation.

In this month's webinar we’ll share and discuss;

  • What security threats do accountants face?
    • What do they look like?
    • How can you combat them?
  • We share a video focusing on spear-phishing attacks and the threat they pose to SMEs.
  • We share a case study of a business that fell victim to invoice hijacking, how the business was affected and how they recovered.
  • How to keep your staff educated on the latest cyber threats
    • The Cyber Security Guide for Small Businesses
    • Security Awareness Training

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