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Are you prepared for Ransomware threats this summer?

This event has now ended.

The Cyber Resilience Centre for Greater Manchester (CRCGM) and Greater Manchester Police (GMP) are teaming up for this latest webinar for July.

We're coming together to discuss the ransomware threats you should be prepared for this summer - whether you're running a business, or breaking up for the end of term at schools, colleges or university.

We want to make sure you understand how your organization could be affected by ransomware and phishing emails with more members of staff likely to be away on annual leave during the summer months.

This webinar is aimed at businesses, schools, colleges and university staff and employees that are based in Greater Manchester and the North West.

What's covered in this month’s webinar?

If your organization has staff who are looking to get away and enjoy the sun this summer, your systems could be vulnerable. How can I make my network secure?

During the summer months, your business will see more staff putting on their out of office email. Have you secured all of their devices? Are you ensuring that your employees know what a phishing email is? Is your data being backed up regularly?

This months webinar will discuss;

  • What ransomware threats does the legal sector face? Marketing sector?
  • How is the Education sector being targeted through ransomware?
  • We share a case study from the Education sector.
  • Why it's important your staff and students educated on the latest threats.
  • How businesses who have staff on AL and away on holidays can stay secure.
  • The importance of Cyber Essentials for education.

We're hosting this event on Zoom, with live chat. All attendees have the opportunity to talk through any questions they have around cybersecurity, so come prepared!

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