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Cyber Security Surgery

This event has now ended.
24 September 2020 12:30 - 13:45

Cyber Security Partners (CSP) introduces their first 2020 Leeds Digital Event.

What is the Cyber Security Surgery event?

CSP will be hosting an online interactive event where our expert consultants will each discuss a hot topic within the cyber security world and interact with any questions or concerns attendees have. This will be facilitated through a live chat function throughout each presentation so attendees have the opportunity to talk to the specific consultant about their topic and learn from other attendees’ questions and concerns.

Why attend?

Cyber Security is increasingly an important aspect of both business and personal life, meaning that we need to understand and adapt to its prevalence. Whether its phishing attacks, social engineering, system hacks or ransomware, everyone needs to be aware of how to understand cyber security and how they can either mitigate and/or fix issues and the steps to take to minimise the effects of them actually occurring.

This is where your trusted Cyber Security Partners (CSP) can help and provide you with tailored bespoke advice with which to address your Cyber Security questions, issues and concerns.

Our online interactive Cyber Security Surgery enables attendees to acquire key insights from four specialised consultants with their years of experience and expertise helping our attendees with their concerns and questions, whilst also allowing attendees to have a ‘one on one’ chat with a member of the Cyber Security Partners team.

So, join us from the comfort of your home, for an insightful presentation and great advice from our team!

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Register now before it’s too late…

24 September 2020 12:30 - 13:45
26 Whitehall Road East,
LS12 1BE

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