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Senior Business Architect

DWP Digital -

Full-time (Permanent)
£52,412 - £70,000
Published on
15 September 2023
3 October 2023

Do you like the idea of helping to solve some of the most important strategic questions facing government today?

Do you like using architectural tools to help execute that strategy?

If so, DWP is looking for senior Business Architects to help design the services of the future.

DWP is massive.

We pay out nearly £1bn every single day and help some of the most vulnerable people in our society.

We support over 20 million people and have a huge responsibility to ensure that everyone can depend on the state when they need it most.

Our services cover everything from helping children and families right through to supporting relatives of lost loved ones with bereavement support and funeral care.

In between we find jobs for people, we support people financially where they are unable to work due to health conditions and we ensure everybody has the money they need to live during their retirement years.

We are first and foremost a people focused organisation and that’s why we want to attract the best possible people to come and help us create the best possible services for the people who need our support.

That’s where you come in……

Job description

Key Tasks:

  • As a Business Architect you will be responsible for developing and maintaining parts of the Business Architecture, using that to resolve business problems. You will work with Lead Business Architects to prioritise and deliver business change with a focus on delivering real value to the customer to an appropriate level of quality taking into consideration expected lifetime, investment and time frames.
  • You will work with stakeholders to ensure projects and services are aligned to the strategy and objectives of the organisation.
  • Work with the Lead Business Architects to understand and interpret the strategy, to test the strategic hypotheses using Business Architecture products and methods.
  • Develop Business Architecture collateral to deliver relevant and understandable information and insights to stakeholders, factoring in key decision moments and events and tailoring the communication technique for the audience.
  • Support in developing a holistic view of the department by adding to its knowledge base, and by participating in and encouraging information sharing across the department.
  • Support the development of Business Architecture collateral to deliver relevant and easily understandable information and insights to stakeholders, tailoring the communication technique for the audience.

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