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My First 12 Months - Chiamaka, Senior Agile Delivery Manager, DWP Digital

The first 12 months in a new role is a crucial time full of learning, building new relationships and establishing yourself within a business or organisation.

Chiamaka, Senior Delivery Manager at DWP Digital, recently told us about her journey into the role and how the first year has gone so far.

Name: Chiamaka
Company: DWP Digital
Job Title: Senior Agile Delivery Manager

What's your professional background and interests?  

With a background in Geology, I worked as a Graduate Subsurface Data Analyst for a couple of years. However, an interest and desire for continuous learning and providing solutions, triggered the transition into the fascinating world of digital delivery. I wanted to move into the digital space as I love things that challenge and push me out of my comfort zone. I identified the beauty and value of working in an agile way and decided to develop my agile skills and knowledge through training courses and mentoring scheme. I had years of experience in different organisations developing these skills, then I joined DWP Digital in 2022.

What attracted you to this role and company? 

I was after an inclusive and appealing work environment that aligned with my values, interests, and career goals. I have always loved impactful work which is why I was attracted to a role that contributes directly to improving services for citizens, but also offers a healthy work-life balance. Here I have the flexibility to take care of my young family and be present for the things that have eternal value to me.

What does a typical day look like? 

Considering that I oversee successful delivery of agile projects and products, my day can be quite dynamic and varied, depending on the various needs and stages of the projects. A lot of my time is spent on meetings, collaborating, coaching and problem-solving. It’s my job to ensure that we work together as a team, that our goals are shared, and our work is aligned to deliver the best value to our users.

What are the key challenges in your role? 

The complexities of some of the projects and the need to balance agile principles with regulatory requirements. Navigating the bureaucratic process in government requires adaptability. 

What has surprised you most in the last 12 months? 

Honestly, it is the organisational culture, the resilient and reliable people I am privileged to work with.

What are the best bits about the role? 

The unflinching support from my community of practice, in DWP Digital we’re grouped into practices which are people with similar skills, experiences, or job responsibilities. Practices allow us to collaborate, share ideas and develop in our roles. 

Also working with like-minded colleagues that maintain a good balance of productivity and banter.

How would you describe the company culture? 

DWP Digital is collaborative, transparent, nurturing, and inclusive.

Can you share details of one project/achievement you are most proud of since starting in this role? 

I work within DWP Place under Tech Services, which provides colleagues access to ‘one place’ to raise and progress all their tech and support needs, such as requesting software and equipment, onboarding new staff and raising IT incidents. I’ve been co-leading the review, streamlining the end-to-end delivery approach, and implementing new ways of working to transform DWP Place into a Service Now Centre of Excellence. I joined at the beginning of this project, so I have a real sense of achievement seeing how it has developed. 

This project is to ensure we are driving best practices, to help us provide services more efficiently for over 90,000 users. If our colleagues are well supported, it means we as a department are able to keep serving citizens effectively.

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