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  • Young entrepreneur set to inspire at Manchester event

Young entrepreneur set to inspire at Manchester event

Eric Bishyika is the prime example of what every young person should be striving to achieve. Entrepreneurial and successful, Eric set up his first ecommerce business as a schoolboy funded by savings from his paper round in Oldham, he is now CEO of a unique clothing brand that sells the latest Men’s & Women’s Fashion started in 2010.

The good thing about ecommerce is that is now so much more of a level playing field and accessible to small and large companies alike. The entry point can be fairly low with ecommerce platforms aplenty and even platforms like Shopify Plus not being out of reach for the majority of start-ups. 

Eric is very kindly giving a guide to being a young entrepreneur at next week’s free-to-attend Ecommerce Roadshow taking place at Gorilla Manchester from 10am and the event is open to all entrepreneurs and ecommerce brands to join. Topics being covered are the technologies, automation and marketing techniques that have aided Ecommerce brands to success so you can pick up practical and implementable tips on multichannel marketing and fast growth.

If you would like to come along you can see the full details and register at