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Product Update 2023

Simple is complex

Simplicity in automotive is becoming ever harder to find as 2035 approaches. Our product teams have been working hard on a new range of products and upgrades that translate this growing complexity into simple experiences.

Making data work hard, so nobody else needs to.

Complex data goes in, simplified experiences come out.

Here's our latest batch of data-led releases and product upgrades that make selling cars easier for our retailers:

A new vehicle-level performance dashboard

Our Vehicle Insight dashboard brings together key features and metrics from across Auto Trader's products and services using machine learning. Sellers get an instant view of their vehicle inventory performance, current market conditions and any actions they need to take for data-led decision making.

Easy-access vehicle data

We've made it easier for retailers to use our vehicle data by creating more flexible ways to create new stock records when reg lookups aren't available. They can now use their third party systems to search our vehicle data and build simpler, more customised stock creation journeys.

AT Connect gets an upgrade

Our API platform already links sellers' third party systems together in one place. But now these systems are notified of new leads in real time, rather than through periodic updates. They can access more data in more places, on demand, which lowers the risk of lost leads.

Personalised PPC adverts

Our new consumer data platform monitors the preferences of each user in real time as they browse. This means we only show them car adverts with features that actually matter to them in future. Better UX for the buyer, stronger leads for seller.

Online car buying, but with more flexibility

Last year we launched our omni-channel buying journey. This year we’ve streamlined it, simplified it and added new features.

A simplified part exchange journey

We've condensed our part exchange question set into simple condition bandings with clear, helpful language to give people more confidence in assessing their car's condition. Now it's faster, friendlier and more consistent – an all-round better experience for both consumers and sellers.

We revamped the reservation process

This year we optimised our payment process which strengthened the integration across Retailer Portal, the consumer-facing system and the back-end systems. Together they allow the £99 reservation holding payment on vehicles to be automatically returned to buyers.

This means less admin for sellers, and a more streamlined reservation and buying process for consumers.

A brand new account space for online buying

We've built and launched a new area within the account space for consumers to track, review and manage their online car buying journeys. They can now see all the cars they've started orders for, get status updates from sellers, and continue and complete active orders on the go.

…and the flexibility to pause, stop and start

The new account space now gives consumers the flexibility to complete their online orders at their own pace. We save their progress as they go along, so if they need to pause for the school run, a work meeting or just to make dinner, they can stop, leave and then pick up where they left off.

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