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New Cyber Security Guide for Small Businesses Launched

Cyber Security Guide for Small Businesses

The North West Cyber Resilience Centre (NWCRC) has launched a new Cyber Security Guide for Small Businesses based in the North West. The new guide helps small business owners to improve their knowledge of cyber security and significantly reduce the chances of businesses becoming victims of cybercrime.

In today’s increasingly digital-first world, small businesses face lots of risks operating online. Cybercrime can impact a business through lost time, financial losses or reputational damage. Without the correct precautions in place, cyberattacks on small businesses are wide-reaching. 

This new Cyber Security Guide for Small Businesses includes: 

1 - What is Cyber Security?

2 - What is Ransomware?

3- What is Account Compromise?

4 - What are the signs of Business Email Compromise?

5- Back-ups

6- Reporting & Useful Resources

Speaking about Cyber Security Guide for Small Businesses, Director of North West Cyber Resilience Centre, Neil Jones said: 

“Small business owners will understandably have a lot of questions when it comes to cyber security. Whilst many larger companies are starting to offer more security awareness training and invest in vulnerability assessments of their own networks, we know many micro and small business owners simply can't afford this.

This small business guide has been made available to offer trusted guidance and support to the North West business community and reinforce the cyber security basics with owners and staff alike.

We also want to thank our colleagues at the Scottish Business Resilience Centre for working in partnership with us on this guide."

Since launching in November 2019, the North West Cyber Resilience Centre has supported over 300 members and have further expanded their support to business in Greater Manchester with a fully-funded support program.

Businesses in the North West can download the Cyber Security Guide for Small Businesses online, which includes simple tips on how to spot the signs of an attack, how you can protect your business and links to further free resources & support.

Download your guide here and for more information view their additional guidance for small businesses.

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