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Funded Cyber Essentials Plus to small or micro tech companies

The NCSC (National Cyber Security Centre – the UK’s national technical authority on cyber security) is offering Funded Cyber Essentials Plus to small or micro companies working on:

·           The development of fundamental Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies.

·           The design and development of semiconductors / semiconductor IP blocks. NB: this offer does not extend to companies whose sole purpose is the manufacture of semiconductors.

·           The development of fundamental Quantum technologies.

·           The development of fundamental Engineering Biology – specifically the design, scaling and commercialisation of biology-derived products and services that can transform sectors or produce existing products more sustainably.

 Cyber Essentials is an effective, Government backed scheme that implements five cyber security controls that prevent the most common types of cyber attack.

Qualifying organisations will receive around 20 hours of funded remote support with an advisor. This time will be spent identifying and implementing improvements that are right for the size and needs of the organisation and supporting them in implementing the five Cyber Essentials technical controls.

This will be followed by a hands-on technical verification that the controls have been put in place. If it is not possible for the organisation to achieve Cyber Essentials Plus, the advisor will help implement as many of the technical controls as possible and give the organisation a clear list of the additional actions they need to undertake to become compliant. No previous cyber security certification or experience is necessary.

 More information on the scheme can be found on the NCSC Funded Cyber Essentials Programme page, and organisations can apply on the website of the NCSC’s Cyber Essentials partner, IASME – IASME Funded Cyber Essentials programme.

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