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Is My Website Secure? How can I stay Secured from the Most Common Vulnerabilities?

A Web Application Assessment (often referred to as Web Application Penetration Testing or Pentest) addresses the security of your website (Web application). Websites are mostly publicly available and are there to provide services for anyone with internet access. This makes them a primary target for attackers.

Web applications are grown out of static pages and becoming more dynamic in terms of providing content. User data, admin panels and card payment details are all gold mines in the eyes of the hackers.

How can a Web Application Assessment keep me secure against the most common vulnerabilities?

We test your web application against the ten most common vulnerabilities. This is not just an internet top 10 but is open source and the de facto gold standard in the cybersecurity community – The OWASP Top 10.

Any company with a dynamic web application can benefit from a penetration test. A dynamic web application is an application that generates data/pages in real-time. These applications normally have user/admin dashboards, login pages and are connected to a database. 

How often do you need an Assessment?

Web development is a fast-paced, dynamic industry. New technologies, platform plugins are emerging daily. Many components are used to develop a website along with third-party software.

For example, 17,467 WordPress vulnerabilities are known to date and more are being discovered daily. Regular testing is recommended, whether it's quarterly or annually is depending on your risk assessment.

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