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GFT teams up with Google Cloud to launch ‘GenAI Intelligent Assistant'

London 08 April 2024 – Projections show that the global AI adoption rate could grow as much as 40% between 2023 and 2030.

This anticipated growth is a fitting context for the announcement of an innovative offering that sees Google Cloud’s Industry Value Networks and GFT combine efforts, along with independent software vendors (ISVs), to bring forward a new GenAI Intelligent Assistant for banks to support their customer service.

The GenAI Intelligent Assistant is a conversational interface, built on Google Cloud’s Generative and Vertex AI technologies, utilising advanced large language models (LLMs) to give banking customers immense flexibility on the questions they can ask and have answered by the AI-powered assistant.

Real use case, real benefits  

Discussions around AI, with a focus on GenAI, have been widespread and constant for a number of years, with businesses and consumers now keen to see real use cases of this innovative technology in action. Today’s announcement brings forward one of those all important use cases.

Some of the ways that the GenAI Intelligent Assistant will benefit banking customers:

  • Reduced costs: Banks will be able to take advantage of this offering to answer customer queries and not having to rely on an army of customer support staff.  

  • Improved customer service: GenAI-supported customer relations and engagement means consumers can get quicker access to secure services, improving customer engagement and satisfaction.  

  • Employee engagement: With the GenAI assistant, employees can focus on high value tasks, rather than repetitive actions, thereby developing into more comprehensive roles within the business. 

A tool for an increasingly digital clientele  

Reacting to the announcement, Carlton Hopper, UK MD, GFT said: “Businesses and consumers have heard a lot about AI in recent years. It’s high time they started to see and feel the benefits of this technology. The GenAI Intelligent Assistant is a perfect example of industry-leading technology coming to the benefit of both clients and consumers. 

Dean Clark, UK CTO, GFT highlighted the technological value of a product such as the GenAI Intelligent Assistant: “Todays announcement brings together a number of truly innovative players in the Tech industry. It brings together the LLM experience of Google and the platform engineering expertise of GFT. Through this offering, Banks can benefit from significant value, cost efficiencies, and innovation.” 

The GenAI Intelligent Assistant provides a fully secure offering that banks and financial institutions can implement into their businesses to significantly improve proactive and personalised experience for their customers.  

Read this press release via the GFT website here

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