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The cloud platform, Azure has quickly become one of the most sought after solutions for IT infrastructure around the world. Are you considering moving to Microsoft Azure? With the right approach and strategic planning, migration can be uncomplicated and void of surprises. But first, what is it and what does it do? Microsoft Azure is a cloud platform with over 200 products and services. It is constantly evolving to help organisations to meet their business requirements. It is designed to –

“Build, run and manage applications across multiple clouds, on-premises and at the edge, with the tools and frameworks of your choice.”

– Microsoft

How can Azure help you?

With many corporations eager to transform their cloud strategy and adapt into a hybrid environment, (Including leading businesses such as Asos, Daimler and McKesson) Microsoft Azure is dominating the market. According to The Times: 

“Microsoft’s cloud computing division nearly doubled its sales at the end of last year as demand for data storage and processing power continued to rise.”

The platform is widely recognised due to its scalability, flexibility, and innovative offerings. It is also the front-runner in terms of speed and helping your business’ software to run swiftly and efficiently. Azure offers a variety of app development solutions to help your developers deploy and build frameworks the way you envision. This variation gives the platform its competitive edge.

As remote working becomes the new norm, it is increasingly important to guarantee your employees have easy access to applications. Security is fundamental and Azure AD helps to ensure a seamless process in-house or remotely, providing multi-factor authentication and reducing the risk of cyber threats. In the long term, team productivity is undisturbed and your business is protected.

Considering a move?

In order to benefit from this platform, you will need the right solutions and people to ensure a successful change. In-house expertise is essential as well as external support from a trusted Microsoft partner. Prior to migrating your infrastructure, ask yourself:

  1. What are my specific goals for migrating?
  2. Am I willing to support my team?
  3. What is my plan for a fix?
  4. Have I found a reliable tech partner?

You will need to collect this information prior to starting your migration project. While it may sound daunting, with the right approach from IT professionals, you can be sure of a stress-free transition.

Not sure where to start with an Azure migration?

With any digital transformation, teething issues are inevitable but as a Microsoft Silver partner, with a competency in applications and infrastructure, Beeta can help. We specialise in supporting businesses with Microsoft technology, to ensure a successful move. Azure is an elaborate platform and naturally, can come with challenges. Here at Beeta we understand these challenges and are committed to ironing out any obstructions that may arise. We will take you through the technical phase and assist you through integration, saving you valuable resources and time. 

Migrating to Azure means undertaking the necessary infrastructural changes but it is also vital to ensure your team members are able to work with the new toolsets. Beeta can assist your business and your team with a fully supported transition.


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