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Three disruptive forces reshaping digital business (and how to capitalise)

Digital transformation has been a buzz phrase in the enterprise setting for decades. We feel things are moving into a new phase, driven by three powerful converging forces. 

1. Modernising customer experiences 

Legacy systems are straining under the demand for seamless, instant digital services across an ever-increasing number of channels. Customers expect 24/7 access and flawless user experiences. Most companies struggle to deliver this. 

2. Unleashing AI's potential

The groundbreaking capabilities of AI decisioning models are being held back by an inability to access and synthesise complete, real-time data flows from across the enterprise systems landscape. Organisations are missing out on the competitive advantages that AI can bring. 

3. Maximising data's value

Enterprises are sitting on goldmines of historical data. Unlocking the strategic value of this requires blending with live data sources to power true real-time decisioning. Failing to solve for this convergence will severely impact many organisations’ ability to innovate and compete in our digitally-accelerated world. 

A modern solution approach 

A new approach to data integration that allows rapidly deploying cutting-edge digital services powered by sophisticated AI models — without ripping and replacing legacy systems — is a solution architecture to explore. By combining historical data stores with live transactional data, this empowers true real-time, intelligent decision automation. 

Want to learn more? 

We’ve partnered with GigaSpaces Technologies to put together an expert panel to discuss this and more in our upcoming webinar on 30th April 2024: Unlocking the power of real-time data for digital transformation and AI decisioning

You'll gain real-world strategies for harnessing the convergence of digital experiences, AI decisioning, and data-driven intelligence to leapfrog the competition. 

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