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AmafestUK 2024: Elevate Your Amazon Business!

2024 Amazon Sellers UK Conference

Are you a brand or private label seller looking to improve your Amazon game? Look no further than AmafestUK, the exclusive premier conference designed to equip you with the knowledge and strategies you need to succeed.

Unparalleled Networking Opportunities

Connect with a vibrant community of like-minded Amazon sellers, industry experts, and leading suppliers. Forge invaluable connections that can propel your business forward.

Expert-Led Talks & Actionable Insights

Gain practical, actionable guidance from seasoned Amazon veterans on various topics, from mastering accounting to full-funnel advertising and brand protection. Walk away with a clear roadmap to achieve your Amazon goals.

2024 Highlights:

  • Mastering Ecommerce Accounting: Key Strategies For Amazon Sellers (Philip Oakley, Outserve)
    • Avoid common accounting pitfalls that can hinder growth.
    • Ensure seamless financial clarity with integrated accounting software.
    • Navigate the complexities of international tax compliance.
  • Full Funnel Advertising With Amazon DSP (David Bradley, Verbe-Digital)
    • Leverage Amazon DSP to reach new customers and retain existing ones.
    • Discover unique shopper targeting and messaging opportunities.
    • Learn how Amazon DSP complements Sponsored Ads for optimal results.
  • Reclaim Your Time! Elevate Your Business With Automation (Jakub Riegel, Deltologic)
    • Automate repetitive tasks across sales, shipping, analytics, ads, and more.
    • Free up your team's time for strategic initiatives and growth.
    • Discover how automation can fast-track your Amazon success.

Additional Sessions:

  • From Concept to Commerce (Kate Bell, Zip Us In)
  • How To Protect Your Private Label Brand On Amazon (David Miller, Dam Law Firm)
  • Five Tactics To Help You Boost Your Advertising Potential (Charlotte Westlake, Peaky Digital)
  • Improving Your Google Ranking With Organic News Stories (Oliver Pritchard, Media Exposure)
  • How To Use AI To Automate And Scale Your Amazon Business (Kunal Dattani, Lifestyle Entrepreneur)
  • Amazon's Retail Transformation (Martin Heubel, Consulterce)
  • To Improve Their Bottom Line Navigating Your Annual Vendor Negotiation With Amazon (Ant Finch, Vendor Rocket)
  • Vendor Panel Discussion (Carina McLeod, Ecommercenurse; Asha Bhalsod, Etopia Consultancy; James Wakefield, Wakecommerce)
  • How to scale your business PROFITABLY on Amazon (Emma Bagley, Zeal Agency)

Take advantage of this transformative event! Register now for AmafestUK 2024 and unlock the full potential of your Amazon business.

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