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RedEye 25 top tips

2022 marks an incredible 25 years of RedEye, but we didn’t become one of the longest-running marketing automation companies by accident.

Our dedicated teams are what has helped us innovate over the past 25 years and get us to where we are today!

When you download this interactive piece, you’ll get some fantastic advice on:

⭕ Finding the right marketing automation solution
⭕ Use the details in your data – from segmentation to personalised dynamic content
⭕ Clickable content – harness the power of interactive email
⭕ Maximising your marketing channels – a full multi-channel approach
⭕ Test to find the best – A/B email testing and subject line recommendations
⭕ Building a strong relationship – build out your customer lifecycle strategy
⭕ Driving future value – Attain the best possible customer lifetime value
⭕ Growing as a marketer – focus on furthering your marketing skillset

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