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Tangent Works Announces Partnership and Integration with Qlik to Deliver Revolutionary Predictive Analytics and Forecasting Solution - InstantML

Tangent Works announces partnership and integration with Qlik. Predictive analytics using TIM & Qlik. InstantML is the next thing after AutoML (PRNewsfoto/Tangent Works)

"Qlik Sense users benefit from the power of modern analytics and democratized data analysis, enabling them to surface unique insights that drive outcomes," said Itamar Ankorion, SVP, Technology Alliances at Qlik. "The integration with Tangent Works will help extend the value of their analysis by democratizing predictive modeling, easing the burden on data scientists and enhancing users' ability to leverage machine learning to augment their decision making."

Enterprises want to democratize data and enable users to make better data-driven decisions while leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning. Qlik already delivers augmented intelligence and machine learning capabilities through its cognitive engine and platform with Insight Advisor, which auto-generates and suggests the best analytics and insights to explore based on the overall data set and a user's search criteria. Now by leveraging Qlik's open platform, extension technology and open source Qlik Tangent Works connector, Tangent Works allows Qlik to develop and democratize machine-learning models.

Dirk Michiels, CEO, Tangent Works, said, "We are delighted to partner with Qlik and help their clients achieve the full and immediate business value of Predictive Analytics and Forecasting. Our InstantML technology offered by the TIM solution, offers easy-to-use augmented predictive analytics in which our customers will benefit from predictive analytics to create real and immediate business value, through better and faster forecasts; ease in finding anomalies in data, saving money through greater efficiencies; and increased customer value. InstantML is remarkable in normal business situations, but its real genius is in how it can adapt and predict accurately even in unusual and irregular business situations, like the current COVID-19 crisis."  

The Tangent Works Qlik open source extension and connector enables:

  • Users to prepare and send data with key fields from their current Qlik Sense application directly to Tangent Works; 
  • Combinations of data from any table within the associative data model, served directly into Tangent Works for processing; 
  • Users to manage their Tangent Works project directly within Qlik, sending executed and scored models directly to their Qlik application.

This seamless integration enables predictive modeling and remodeling within one interface, allowing Qlik users to leverage the power of InstantML in their analytics workflows interactively. This gives Qlik users the ability to create highly accurate predictive models on the fly and leverage the results in seconds, which is a paradigm shift that just isn't possible with other platforms.

Tangent Works US and Qlik showcased these enhanced capabilities at a recent Webinar on August 10th. For more information and to see the replay visit:

For additional information, video walkthrough, documentation and download of integration between Tangent Works and Qlik, visit:

About Tangent Works

Tangent Works was founded to leverage a branch of mathematics called Information Geometry for Machine Learning model generation. Our mission is to make machine learning easy to use. With offices in the U.S., U.K., and mainland Europe, Tangent Works collaborates with a growing ecosystem of reseller and implementation partners as well as OEM partners. Tangent Works' TIM is a perfect example of a solution that can provide immediate value for many companies and industries. TIM's use cases range from demand planning in retail, predictive maintenance of machines in  manufacturing, resource management in healthcare organizations, energy production anticipation for power plants, loan default prediction for banking, to name only a few. TIM reduces the need for valuable resources (expertise, time, and money) and helps users to leverage the business insights hidden in their data for immediate and actionable business information.

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