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Behind the Scenes of The Workshop: A Promotional Video

Still from the Workshop video

Title Productions recently had the pleasure of creating a promotional video for The Workshop, a community organisation appointed by Bolton Council to provide assistance to the local community. Our team had a fantastic time working on this project, from filming to editing, and we are excited to share our experience with you.


During the pre-production stage, we worked closely with Nick from The Workshop to identify the key objectives of the video and what aspects of the organisation’s work we wanted to highlight. Our goal was to showcase how The Workshop is helping young individuals enter or re-enter the workforce and provide them with the skills they need to succeed.


We started by filming interviews with the staff and young individuals who have benefited and are benefiting from the organisation’s workshops. These interviews were a highlight of the production process, as it was inspiring to hear the stories of the young individuals who have been positively impacted by The Workshop’s work. The staff members were equally inspiring, showcasing their dedication and passion for their work in the community.


We also had a lot of fun filming b-roll footage in and around the workplace, capturing the everyday work that goes into running the organisation. But our team also had the opportunity to film b-roll at external locations where former attendees from the workplace now work. We filmed at the Light Cinema to showcase the success stories of individuals who have completed the program and found employment in the community.


Getting b-roll from external locations allowed us to see firsthand the positive impact that The Workshop has had on the local community. We were able to showcase the real-world applications of the skills learned by the attendees, and the sense of pride they feel in their new roles. We also filmed at a partner organisation, The Recruitment Co., where the staff members were also enthusiastic about their experiences with The Workshop. Seeing the ripple effect of The Workshop’s work across the community was truly inspiring.

Behind the Scenes of The Workshop: A Promotional Video by Title Productions

Throughout the project, we made sure to follow the correct procedures for obtaining consent from anyone who appeared on camera. Whether it was written consent or verbal consent recorded on camera, we made sure that everyone was comfortable and aware of their participation in the video. We also took great care to respect people’s privacy, avoiding filming the faces of any members of the public who attended the workplace unless they had given their consent.

In post-production, we spent three days editing the footage, going through several review stages with Nick from The Workshop to ensure that the final product met their requirements. We took into account their preferences for featuring certain staff members and ensuring their graphics were visible, all while crafting a compelling story about The Workshop’s vital work in the community.

Overall, creating the promotional video for The Workshop was an amazing experience for us at Title Productions. We are grateful to have had the opportunity to work with such an inspiring organisation and help promote their efforts in supporting the local community. Our team had a lot of fun filming b-roll footage in external locations and listening to the stories of those who have benefitted from The Workshop’s work. We take pride in producing high-quality videos while respecting the privacy and consent of everyone involved, and we look forward to sharing the full version of the video with everyone soon. The video truly showcases the incredible work done by The Workshop in helping young individuals re-enter the workforce and empowers them to take on new opportunities. We hope that it will inspire others to support the organisation’s work and make a positive impact in the community.

Behind the Scenes of The Workshop: A Promotional Video by Title Productions

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