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97% of digital teams find experimentation easy to implement

Only 7% of organisations said they struggled to set up marketing experimentations. This goes hand in hand with CRO experts highly recommending A/B Tests to improve conversion rates. Finding a technology that is both easy to use, fair priced and scalable allows your digital marketing team to set up a rigorous strategy and get the most of out your organisation's site users

Across the globe 83% of companies have incorporated some form of experimentation into their marketing strategy. Ignoring the prolific software sets your organisation up for an increased chance of losing out to its closest competitors. Leaving your organisation's alternatives to harvest insights and data on potential customers can leave conversion rates low and unimpressive.

Finding a tech that is the right selection for both the company and its users will let your marketing team hit the ground running. Optimizely Experiments have been made to be incorporated with ease and put into daily operations to improve efficiency with little training required.

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