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Get ahead of the automotive industry’s digital trends

Ultimedia is a digital specialist in the automotive sector. We have over 20 years of industry experience, researching the digital strategies of ambitious organisations like TRW, Lucas and ZF. 


The marketing strategies we offer to partners target multiple automotive user journeys. This typically includes: 

  • Buyers: people looking to buy auto-related products 

  • Designators: users looking for the right product for their needs 

  • Technician: the engineers assemble or service  automotive parts daily 

  • End users:  people who use products every day 


Our unique approach to the industry is based on a central content calendar. It's a proven method to grow your audience, drive sales, and improve the customer experience. Aspects of digital marketing we cover include: 

  • SEO - Solving the optimisation problem from the source 

  • PPC - Profitable strategies for getting content into search engine results 

  • Continue email marketing - An effective direct communication channel to inform and advertise to potential customers 

  • Thought Leadership - Share unique insights from over 20 years of experience 

  • Blog post - The most effective strategy to increase the volume of optimised content on your business website 

  • Downloads - Great knowledge-sharing white paper to drive customers to your business website products and services 

This approach includes many means. Text, images, video, and computer graphics are all coordinated from a central plane. 


Learn how an ambitious automotive digital marketing strategy can help improve digital marketing and digital transformation. Read our guide or contact us to discuss.

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