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Why poor website efficiency is losing insurance companies customers

Around 75% of online users that tried to complete an insurance policy online ran into technical problems. Making it difficult or off-putting to complete the purchase. When correlating this to what our research team found there was a clear problem. 86% of the top 100 insurance firms have ineffective websites when considering key areas such as: 

  • Is the home page accessible? 

  • Is the site mobile-friendly?

  • How long is the loading speed?

  • Is the site Multilingual, allowing users to change their primary language?

99% of the world's top insurance companies are slower than the loading speed Google recommends. This can hinder both user experience and how the search engine views your organisation’s site.

Discover how the top 100 organisations performed across 10 vital areas of digital marketing in our maturity report highlighting the clear need for digital transformation in insurance.

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