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Digital Futures is a digital skills, curriculum support and careers insights programme for schools and colleges in Greater Manchester.

With the support have the Greater Manchester Combined Authority, we've brought you a range of industry-led virtual resources to support the teaching of ICT, show how digital is used in different subjects, and help young people find out more about careers in digital and tech.

Beat the Brief Challenge by Studio 91 Media

The Challenge:
Everyone wants to do video - but have you got what it takes to create real storytelling?

Manchester’s Studio 91 Media are challenging you to produce a short, video campaign based on a choice of brief. All you need is a mobile phone and tons of creativity. Use whatever space you have at home – anything goes as long as you stay safe and follow social distancing rules.

This challenge is suitable for boys and girls aged 13-18.

Download the challenge pack here to get started.

View Studio 91's show reel here.

Digital web design workshop by Effective IT 

Over 2 lessons, this workshop will introduce the basics of the website design planning process, and teach beginners how to create web pages that will make a difference, using HTML and CSS.

This resource includes a lesson plan, full tutorial video by an industry expert, and a set of briefs to inspire students to create sitemaps and webpages to spread the word about causes they care about. This resource introduces the job of a Product Owner with the teacher or educator taking on this role and making sure the site maps reflect the brief before the students start coding.

To complete this workshop, you will need a computer, access to and a video player (YouTube or on the computer). It’s suitable for HTML complete beginners KS3+.

View the full tutorial video here.

Access the challenge pack here..

Plant-based food technology by Impossible Foods

This challenge will introduce you to the science and technology behind plant-based protein. You'll be introduced to Laila, a food scientist and complete a plant based food menu challenge.

Access it here. The password is manchester.

Digital Transformation Workshop by Auto Trader

You are employed by the Honey Bee Bakery, the company is thriving and you will be helping them with their digital transformation to an online business. You will take a turn acting as one of the six team leaders within the new digital department. You will have tasks from designing user research students to deciding which marketing will make the Honey Bee Bakery most successful.

Download the resource pack here..

Turtley Awesome Data by Slalom

This challenge will introduce you to the world of data analytics using the example of Bean, the endangered green sea turtle.

Turtley Awesome Data - PDF Handout.pdf

Coding Challenge by UA92

Watch this video for an introduction to coding and a challenge to test your skills. All in 15 minutes!

View on YouTube.

Marketing Your Hotel by On the Beach

This presentation will introduce you to the world of digital marketing. Get an insight into the platforms used by professionals and have a go at marketing your own hotel.

Download this resource from Google Drive here.

Health tech and fashion by Prevayl

This presentation will give you an insight into how Prevayl combined fashion and technology to offer personalised wellness and formance insights. At the end, there's an exciting challenge to get everyone thinking about a product they could create to improve people's lives. 

Download this resource from Google Drive here.

User story mapping by Zuhlke

This workshop will take you through the process of mapping user stories. User stories make sure that software (websites, mobile apps) are relevant to the user, and help to make sure that all software and features provide value to the customer. At the end, you will understand user stories and be able to think about how you can create and map user stories yourself.

View on YouTube.

Drawing with code by Wigan STEAM

You can create digital art by learning just a few lines of code. This demonstration by digital artist Louise Robson will show you how you can get started, and tell you about how she combines her love of coding and art to create.

View on YouTube.

Design by Auto Trader

What does a designer do? What do you need to think about when you're creating a product for someone? This workshop will introduce you to the principles of design and get you having a go at designing something yourself based on a specific brief. You'll need a pen and paper for this workshop.

View on YouTube.

Discover Digital Careers iDEA Badge

The digital and tech industry is full of fantastic career opportunities for everyone, and you may be surprised by how varied it is. We've created a Digital Careers Badge alongside iDEA which helps you explore the range of digital careers and find out which one could be right for you.

Discover Digital Career Badge

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We're excited to launch the #DigitalFutures Digital Careers badge with the fantastic @idea_award.

This badge is perfect for schools, colleges and career changers. Take a look to find out more about the sector and your place in it: @GMCAdigital

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