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One Day promotes Poland as a destination with Generative AI-designed ads.

The Polish Tourism Organisation is Poland’s national tourism board operating across the world. Their goal is to promote Poland as a modern attractive destination offering tourists a high standard of choices and entertainment.

In a competitive pitch, One Day was challenged to design and deliver a destination marketing campaign that included AI technologies, a first for the organisation and agency. The project involved crafting an AI-generated campaign targeted at promoting Warsaw and Gdansk as urban destinations to UK nationals. AI is an incredible tool that accelerates our creative process; however, it does come with certain constraints. A significant constraint we encountered was AI generating images of the cities that were merely interpretations of our prompts, rather than accurate depictions. For instance, many of the city images lacked factual accuracy in terms of layouts and landmark placements. It was important not to give people misleading information. To tackle this challenge, we turned hyper-realistic dioramas fashioned from using everyday objects associated with travel. These dioramas aimed to tell stories, evoke emotions and spark imagination through simple yet evocative imagery.

Once the key concept and visuals were created, we used Motion Graphics to create all the static and video assets for the campaign that will run now in May across Meta, Snapchat and TikTok.


Kris-Anne from One Day’s design team said: “I'm thrilled to have been part of this project. This is my first generative AI campaign, and it's such an incredibly exciting time to be involved in terms of innovation”.


Ricardo Seixas, the agency’s CEO, said: “AI unlocks creativity at levels we are yet to fully witness and is truly a democratising technology that enables anyone to express themselves without the burden of hard skills. An incoming wave to the industry. This is truly an exciting time and as an agency, like every day and part of our culture, we not only quickly adopt these technologies but also challenge our clients with them.”


The integrated agency is not new to adopting technology having launched in early 2022 an out-of-home planning application with the UK’s entire billboard database and setting the pace early on in 3D Anamorphic billboard advertising across any digital screen.

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