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The Modern Workplace & You

This event has now ended.
12 July 2019 11:00 - 12:00
  • Do you spend most of your working day checking your emails?

  • Do you waste hours chasing, opening, filing and responding to emails most of which don’t require a response?

  • When you're out of the office for a day do you return to 78 unread emails, 52 of which are from the rest of the team discussing which sandwich they’d like from Sandra in the van outside the office?

  • As 5pm approaches, do you stress that you still haven’t ‘cleared your emails’ before it all starts again the next day?

Email can be a useful tool. But it has a lot of power over us. It’s time-consuming and clunky. With so much time and energy spent with your email software, are you the King (or Queen) of your inbox? Or is your Inbox ruling you?

Improved collaboration platforms from the likes of Microsoft and Google have made email look outmoded and greatly improved productivity and flexible working all while reducing costs. Join inTec's Chief Technology Officer, Ray Bell, as he discusses the Modern Workplace & You - what it looks like and how to realise it within your business. The culture of communication and collaboration is changing - don't get left behind.

Come and join us for a really interesting workshop and for the chance to network with other local business professionals in a friendly and informal setting!

There's a smarter way to work. Let's discuss.

12 July 2019 11:00 - 12:00

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