Analogue is the new Digital

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1 October 2010 0:00 - 0:00

Interventions across Manchester with newly commissioned, inspirational and experimental artefacts that reflect on the invisible sub-structure of data that permeates our world. Featuring physical analogue works growing out of the invisible lines of technological communication in our everyday environment. The city’s networks and rich technological history become a gallery. Digital hubs, conceptual venues and historical hot spots have been selected along specific routes that run from the Northern Quarter via Chinatown and up on Oxford Road. 18 artists and collectives play with the surreal and unexpected, bridge the gaps, map the two spheres and provoke the differences. Their responses to the given theme represent a fascinating kaleidoscope of kinetic devices, ready-made objects, and delicate and decorative sculptures that are imaginative and unique in their very own ways. Resolutely analogue, yet mirroring most recent technological processes that range from mapping via hybrid and mobile media to distortions of the body and models of audience involvement.


Analogue is the New Digital debates information space as an essential artistic one by leading it back to its origins and the corporeal; ironic at times, and as a symbolic manifesto, proving how inseparably intertwined these areas and our identity within have become.


Start your excursion at MadLab in The Northern Quarter, on 36-40 Edge St, where you will also find an original catalogue artwork that illustrates your walk.


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1 October 2010 0:00 - 0:00
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