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Digital Her - Leadership for Digital Growth Training

This event has now ended.

We want to support you to develop your skills and develop within you career

We have an exciting opportunity for our women in tech community to attend a fully-funded training course to develop yourself as a leader and throughout your career.


During the course you will: 

  • Understand the skills required of a leader and manager through a time of digital transformation
  • Critique your own leadership and management style
  • Check the levels of Emotional Intelligence in your team and improve ways in which your team engage with each other
  • Reflect upon the management challenges of remote and hybrid working
  • Prepare yourself for strategic and commercial challenges of senior leadership/management in your organisation


This 4 day course will be run virtually on the following dates at 2:00pm - 5:00pm each day

  • 14/03/23 
  • 15/03/23
  • 21/03/23
  • 22/03/23


There will also be special guest speakers, of inspirational women in tech who will lean in to talk about some of the topics and provide their tips around being a woman in tech and how to develop in your career.


Places are limited so make sure you sign up early in order to secure your spot!


This course is funded by the GMCA and ESF, prior to the start of the course you will be asked to provide confirmation of identity, home address and employment.

If you have any questions around this funding please let us know.     



14 March 2023 14:00
Manchester Technology Centre

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