Email Marketing Training - 27th October

This event has now ended.
27 October 2010 0:00 - 0:00

Email continues to be invaluable as a customer communications tool despite ongoing challenges centred around deliverability and in-box standout. An email marketing expert will demonstrate how results and deliverability can by significantly improved by addressing common challenges head-on.


What will I learn?

All aspects of email marketing planning, from setting realistic objectives and strategies through to improving deliverability. This in-depth course will cover the following topics:

Email marketing planning

  • Setting realistic objectives
  • Reviewing options for email communications preferences and profiles
  • Defining an appropriate touch strategy
  • Getting the most from your list through segmentation and targeting
  • Strategies to improve deliverability
  • Briefing on the latest privacy laws, guidelines and codes

Improving email campaign results

  • Defining multi-message campaigns
  • Multichannel marketing - integrating email with offline marketing
  • Using behavioural / response-based targeting

Improving enewsletter results

  • Assessing current enewsletter effectiveness beyond open and click rates
  • Matching content and offers to audiences to achieve results
  • Integrating enewsletter and campaign activity
  • Improving your enewsletter templates to increase response


N.B Manchester Digital members get a 10% discount on the list price.

For more information about the course outline and the presenter or to book a place click here.

27 October 2010 0:00 - 0:00
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