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Ethical Data: From Abstracts to Action!

10 February 2023 13:00 - 15:00

Manchester City Council host a session around practical steps towards ethical data management – this session will look at how we think more ethically about the use of data and how that will link into the development of the Manchester Data Charter.

About the event:

Does your workplace support an ethical approach to data intelligence and analysis? How do you translate ethics into practice? Do your personal values affect your professional approach to data ethics and responsibility? How can you champion ethical data practices in your organisation? 

At this interactive event we will explore what data ethics and responsibilities looks like to you on a personal, organisational and societal level. Through a series of interactive activities, we will challenge our understanding of what ethical data management really means in organisations, and what concrete actions we can take towards realising "data ethics”. 

What will you get out of it? 

Through a series of interactive challenges based on your own experiences as an individual and an organisation you’ll understand how to approach data ethics and responsibility and how to translate ethics into practice.

You’ll also hear first-hand from Manchester City Council about our approaches to data intelligence, and what Manchester’s vision for the future of data in the city looks like. 


  • 2:00pm - Welcome! Legality interactive activity - Manchester City Council and Open Data Manchester
  • 2:20pm – Public Sector Data: School Readiness Case Study – Paul Holme, Head of Performance Research and Intelligence, Manchester City Council
  • 2:50pm – Break
  • 2:55pm – Interactive session: your examples of data use – Open Data Manchester 
  • 3:25pm – Challenge! Turning commitments into practice – co-creating actions– Open Data Manchester
  • 3:55pm – Close – Manchester City Council

Who’s facilitating?

This event will be facilitated by Manchester City Council's Digital Strategy and Performance, Research and Intelligence teams, and Open Data Manchester.

10 February 2023 13:00 - 15:00

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