Managing Your Team Remotely: Checking In vs. Checking Up

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2 July 2020 12:30 - 13:30

Normal working life has changed beyond recognition for many of us, as we all adjust to a remote way of working for the long term, we begin to look at some of the challenges of building and managing relationships remotely, and approaches you can take to do this successfully, whilst staying mentally and physically healthy.

In this session we will look at:
- The good work starts with you
- How can you manage you and then your team and your colleagues during Business (Un)Usual
- The lost art of listening (and how to manage it remotely)
- Checking in with your team
- Checking up on your team

About Mind The Gap

Sarah Knight is a specialist communications agency trainer with years of front-line experience that she has harnessed to help support and develop your bright stars. She has spent the best part of the last 25 years working in agencies building teams, developing staff and helping people reach their potential. Mind The Gap is Sarahs training academy providing a range of different training programmes suited to different levels of experience and expertise - all based on up-skilling staff, business owners and marketing teams to develop and learn. Sarah provides hands on, practical tailored training that empowers individuals and helps them develop their own personal styles. To find out more about Sarah and Mind The Gap visit

2 July 2020 12:30 - 13:30

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