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Author: Silje Tunes Huse, Digital PR Executive

Coming up with great campaigns is hard. With a constant change in the market, and businesses competing for a spot in the limelight, it’s not always easy to find the right idea that’ll get through the eye of a needle.  

Creativity, up-to-date news and uniqueness are key elements needed to create a campaign that will heighten the brand awareness of your client, all while raking in those links! 

1.  Client guidelines  

Before starting your brainstorming process, make sure you know your client’s guidelines by heart. Because you shouldn’t be sending your client a deck of campaigns you love if they will breach client guidelines.  

Some regulations might be contentious topics to avoid, for example, the mention of children in a gaming article. So, keep everyone happy by carefully doing your research beforehand! 

2.  Keep yourself updated  

Another trick is to keep yourself updated on the news. This can be about any genre, including lifestyle, finance, tech or sport. Trust me, anything goes.  

Reading the news gives you a clear view of what’s trending, which is why creating a Twitter and LinkedIn account is a smart move. Then, you can follow other PRs, get a better grasp of a company’s current campaigns and stay in the loop (and follow trends) regarding everything digital.  

Building your campaign on the foundations of trends are never a mistake, just make sure those you choose to focus on are somewhat stable. More importantly, you need to ensure they won’t disappear by the time your campaign is ready! Take the news you find and twist it around until you find a new angle, or a new idea…  

3.  What’s out there?  

What do you know works? Have you already done a campaign a year ago that got great coverage and interactions? Never stray from twisting the story and adapting it to today’s news. Repurposing old campaigns can be as effective as quick, proactive releases, which can give you shiny new links in no time!  

Study how competitors use their material. Is there something that hasn’t been done before? Are they missing a point you think is vital to a great campaign? Keep in mind there must be a market for your ideas. Have you researched relevant publications that might be interested in such a story?  

4.  Talk to your team  

I firmly believe that no brainstorm should be done in solitude. It can quickly become an echo chamber where you’ll come up with ideas that you think are brilliant, but your team members disagree.  

So, arrange a group brainstorm to help you bounce ideas off one another. And get creative input if you’re struggling to produce that perfect campaign idea! Don’t be scared if your topics are weak at first, that’s what you have your team for – to build on your ideas! 

5.  Fill your well of creativity

I’ve gone through my fair share of brainstorms feeling like my creative well has run dry. A way to combat this, and fill that well up again, can be listening to music as you brainstorm 10-to-15 minutes before your team meeting starts. I often create mind maps on a sheet of paper, too, using Pinterest or other sites offering visual ideas. You could ask your manager if you can go on a walk or take a moment to sit with your coffee for five minutes away from your desk.  

Spending free time partaking in creative hobbies is also something I tend to do, like reading, writing and artistry. While TikTok and Instagram are great for generating ideas, getting away from social media for just a brief time gives you the space you need to create innovative ideas you think are great! 

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