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Meet RFNFT, truly connecting the physical and digital world

The last decade has witnessed exponential growth in the blockchain technology space, now generally termed as Web3 space, leading into a whole new era of applications. These applications, their benefits and experiences live in the digital realm that is somewhat disconnected from the physical world. However, as Web3 pushes the boundaries, in recent months, we have started to see technologies trying to bridge the gap between the digital and the physical worlds. RFNFT is one such cutting-edge technology that hopes to pioneer the era of ‘Phygitals’ (a term formed by a combination of Physical and Digital).

Before jumping into what exactly is RFNFT and its technical aspects, it is important to understand what is Web3 and why is it so attractive and trending in the digital space. One of the most fundamental applications of blockchain technology, powering the Web3 era, is the storage of data that is publicly visible and verifiable. This has led to the phenomenon of ‘True Ownership’ of tokens or commonly known as digital assets. They can be stored in various formats such as text, image, audio and video. Utilization of this technology has further led to the era of NFTs (non-fungible tokens) that are distinctly unique and can be truly owned by users let it be artists, collectors, investors, gamers or anyone for that matter. Presently, users can be part of exclusive communities, participate in experiences, trade assets, prove ownership, and so much more in the digital space. The next step is the bridging of such amazing digital technology with our existing physical world to further the immersive experiences as a whole. This is where RFNFT comes in.

What is RFNFT & why should I care?

RFNFT® is a physical tag/chip using NFC (near-field communication) technology as an interface to the digital world. These tags can easily be embedded into merchandise such as clothes, caps, posters, socks & more. We are building a suite of products and services to facilitate the connection of digital Web3 space and the physical experiences thereafter.

By connecting digital assets to tangible, physical products, the experiences of both users and creators can be enhanced in real life in several ways such as exclusive club membership, event participation, ownership provenance, brand loyalty, asset security, new and exclusive asset claims, etc. The sky is the limit.

Here are two example use cases which by no means are representative of the full potential of the technology as your imagination is the limit.

  1. Imagine being a football fan and owning a specific web3 fan club or sub-community merchandise. This merchandise is an exclusive item from the project and has the RFNFT tag. Each time you visit a match in real life, you can claim proof of attendance on-site while wearing this merchandise (shirt, cap,etc). Furthermore, you can also receive exclusive airdrops and gamified elements like experience points, etc. linked to the merchandise from the project. This builds a fun experience which is not limited to the internet anymore.
  2. Imagine you are part of an awesome collectible NFT project and they are organizing events all over the world. Receive the exclusive RFNFT tagged merch, verify your ownership and walk into the event without carrying your wallet having the valuable NFT. The project can then do airdrops of trait boxes, POAPs, tokens, etc. to their attending holders.

Benefits & specifications of our technology

RFNFT tags/chips are built for advanced anti-counterfeiting with secured and encrypted (AES-128) utilization for users. These come in size from 5mm and above with an average thickness of 200μm. They can be easily scanned using a smartphone.

Software-side features include supporting blockchains such as Ethereum, Polygon, Stacks (Bitcoin), Algorand, Wax and more coming soon, Cold Wallet options, 2FA protection and API options.

Hardware-side features include high durability, heat resistance, waterproofing and an optional protective peelable layer.

We are developing a complete suite as stated earlier and thus provides a white-label solution for token claims, online gateways and other experiences related to the applications of RFNFT.

I want to learn more and get in touch.

Check out our website for more information on RFNFT. Reach out to us to learn more, whether you are a creator/founder/developer wanting to implement the technology into your Web3 project or you are a user looking for a custom solution for a personal project.

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