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Nifty-Posters - Shortrun RFNFT® NFC Embedded Posters, NFT Artwork

Building off the feedback from their RFNFT® NFC chips the NF-Technology Ltd team have been building a new Artist Portal which will allow artists to create shortrun edition of physical posters which are seamlessly embedded with RFNFT® chips and automatically encoded with NFTs.

The portal will allow artists to utilise the backend and automation system built for the RFNFT chips with all the technical elements from smart contracts, minting, metadata creation and encoding being managed by the NF-Technology team. 

The portal also utilises the printing agreement which NF-Technology Ltd has in place with a local firm, artists have options for printing in various sizes (A1 to A6), different qualities of paper and also framing options.  

The agreement is a spinoff from NF-Technology Ltds main agreement which can see printing of up to 5 million posters within a matter of weeks, all seamlessly embedded with RFNFT chips. 

To find out more RFNFT chips you can visit Or you can ask the Nifty-posters team any questions directly at:

Nifty-Posters is an NF-TECHNOLOGY LTD Project - 2022

NF TECHNOLOGY LTD is a UK registered LTD company with the registration number 13309197
RFNFT® is registered under the Trade Mark No: UK00003668540

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