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Patent Pending - RFNFT Retail POS

After months of development and prototyping our RFNFT Retail POS finally has Patent Pending.

During early 2022 our POS project began, with the vision of offering the Retail market a self-checkout style POS which would give customers the power to encode RFNFT tagged apparel with a range of Web3 journeys and/or Unique NFTs

RFNFT Tags currently come in one of the two forms: 

- Cold-Wallet / Encrypted Key Tag - Able to hold NFTs on the Apparel itself, uses signatures to prove ownership & action transactions. 

- Redeem Tags: Produce encrypted & unique UIDs on every scan, built to offer Web3 centric journeys. 

We work with Retailers to build unique customer loyalty programs, giving the retailer another channel to communicate with their fans.

A recent example of Cold-Wallet / Encrypted Key style tags can be seen in the Dior B33 Sneakers project, where each pair of their Sneakers holds a encrypted key that "leads to a personal, secure platform offering dedicated services." (More info:

Upcoming trials will be using RFNFT tagged T-Shirts & Trainers, with the Web3 Journey built to allow Unique NFTs to be redeemed aswell as access to exclusive content and offers only available from directly scanning the RFNFT tag

If you want to learn more, get in touch:

Check out our website for more information on RFNFT.

Reach out to us to learn more, whether you are a creator/founder/developer wanting to implement the technology into your Web3 project or you are a user looking for a custom solution for a personal project.

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