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What questions do you have about Cyber Essentials?

According to the National Cyber Security Centre, there has been a 15% rise in the number of Cyber Essentials certificates that have been awarded to businesses in the last 12 months. 

If your business has been thinking about Cyber Essentials, we’ve compiled answers to some of the most common questions you might have about the Cyber Essentials certification.

What is Cyber Essentials?

Cyber Essentials is a simple and effective Government backed scheme, supported by industry experts and the Cyber Resilience Centre. 

The scheme helps you put measures in place to protect your organisation, regardless of size or sector, against a range of the most common cyber-attacks. This includes protecting against threats such as malware, ransomware and phishing.

Do businesses in the recruitment sector need Cyber Essentials?

For recruiters, your business processes large quantities of valuable data, making you a big target for cybercriminals. Cyber Essentials can help protect your business from most cyber threats.

With 82% of UK recruitment firms adopting some form of hybrid working, you need to ensure any staff working from home are secure. Cyber Essentials can provide your business with the guidance to make the switch safely.

Your recruitment business is built on trust – your clients and candidates need to know their personal data is safe in your hands. Cyber Essentials certification provides government-backed proof your business is taking cyber seriously and keeping your data safe – crucial when looking to retain current customers and win new clients.

Why would a law firm need Cyber Essentials?

A law firm’s greatest asset can often be its reputation, and it only takes 1 cyber incident for this reputation to be damaged beyond repair. However, if you are Cyber Essentials certified then you are safe from over 80% of cyber attacks.

Cyber Essentials also helps reassure your Clients that you have good cyber hygiene and practices in place, especially when it comes to data protection, data handling and GDPR. Cyber Essentials can also support your Lexcel certification

Does your law firm have a Cyber Incident Response Plan? Our Cyber Incident Response pack can help you prepare for, respond and recover from cyber incidents.

Does my Business need Cyber Essentials Certification for Government Contracts?

Cyber Essentials is mandatory for businesses looking for specific government contracts. Without Cyber Essentials, you will not be able to bid for such contracts. Often these contracts will involve delivering certain IT products and services and handling personal information.

My business has Cyber Essentials, do I need Cyber Essentials plus?

There is no mandatory requirement for your business to obtain Cyber Essentials plus - If you wish to bid on government or MoD contracts then you will need Cyber Essentials as a bare minimum. However, having Cyber Essentials Plus shows your company is going the extra mile to ensure security and data protection.

However, if you do not require this then Cyber Essentials can make your organisation more resilient against the most common forms of cyber-attacks and demonstrate to your Clients that you are committed to being cyber secure.

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