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Click and Protect Brand Launch- a new approach to cyber security consulting

The founders of Cyber Security Partners (CSP) have created ‘Click and Protect’ (C&P) a bespoke, tailored service that puts clients at the heart of what C&P do by offering individual cyber security solutions to meet each client’s needs and budgets.


Click and Protect are launching their new approach to cyber security consulting. Clients can now enjoy an easy process of bespoke packages, tailored to what their business actually needs with regards to cyber security to help their business and customers.

How does it work?

Clients can choose exactly what type of services they need and how many services required. Then the amount of time they want to subscribe for to suit their budget. This way every client has a tailored experience to achieving a more successful way of operating, ensuring themselves and their customers are safe and secure from any cyber-attacks, criminals or data breaches for example.  

What’s included?

Click and Protect offer 28 different services to achieve their goal of helping clients on their journey to being more cyber secure. Within these services there are options for; monthly, 6 months and yearly subscriptions with discounts and value for money with each option to choose from.

See Click and Protect’s services here

(Image above: Click and Protect website homepage)


The team behind Click and Protect are excited to announce this new approach to cyber security consulting for businesses.


Kevin Else, Consulting Director, stated:

“Cyber Security Partners who founded C&P, noticed that through its work with security clusters and chambers of commerce, often SME’s were uncomfortable with approaching security consultancies; with what may be a simple task or that a full managed security service offering was too expensive and provided a lot more than they needed. 

It was a classic case of feeling like you had to talk to a building architect when all you wanted was to make sure the door closed properly. By packaging services under the Click and Protect brand, we are able to provide exactly what is needed to help secure an organisation’s information without wasting time or resources.”














“Being able to select exactly the services your organisation needs or if you’re not sure we can recommend what services you need, meaning the company knows up front what they are getting and that it is limited to what they need.” 


Based on a subscription model with hourly rates for specific tasks, Click and protect gives you more control of your security budget and provides 28 defined services you can select from.


Chris Bell, Managing Director, also said:

“CSP was established to bring the security skills and experience that come with a top flight security consultancy to a wider audience. Although this has been successful, the founders of CSP want to expand the principle and have introduced the Security consultancy value brand - C&P.  The brand comes with the provenance of CSP, but by producing a menu of pre-defined but scalable security services we can bring the CSP ethos to an even wider audience.”











Click and Protect endeavour to make cyber security a less daunting topic for businesses and strive to ensure the process is as easy as possible with this quick business model of tailored services, that considers client’s needs along with individual subscription options to suit business needs.


For more information visit and contact Click and Protect here






Cyber Security Partners (CSP) who started Click and Protect, are a security consultancy helping clients in the rapidly growing interconnected world. Established in 2016, CSP has grown quickly and continues to expand resulting in more clients benefiting from qualified, experienced and knowledgeable consultants. Through continued investment in the company and now Click and Protect, our staff get the latest training and certification. So, Click and Protect can ensure clients are receiving the best service and results from a well experienced and knowledgeable team putting all these qualities into their services.

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