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B2B: Boring 2 Boring? How to make your B2B brand stand out!

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B2B brands are inherently boring.

Why is that? Where's the personality? How do so many get it so wrong?

Join us and find out in 18 minutes.

When you think about your company branding, what comes to mind?

You're thinking about the logo, aren't you?


Of course that's part of it. But it's relatively insignificant. 

The values of the brand, and how they translate throughout your processes. The core messages. The tone of voice. The way the brand moves, sounds, and the emotions it evokes in the mind of the customer. That's your branding.

In this episode of Branding. Done. we look into what these boring brands are missing, and what marketing managers can do to turn things around. 

 All in 18 minutes. 


See you there.

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