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Free branding session on Friday

Branding session

In this episode of Branding. Done. we look into motion in branding.

It's a part of branding that is often overlooked. 

Your static brand could look great. But more and more brands are viewed primarily online. Think about it. When you last interacted with a certain brand, did you see it on a letterhead or printed poster, or was it on Instagram, or through their website? 

Brands no longer need to stay still as standard. Your logo doesn't need to be static, it can be constantly moving. But, to do that, you need to know your brand guidelines around motion. 

You create a video to promote your new product or introduce the team. But what soundtrack do you use? What's the pace of your brand? How fast or slow are the transitions? What visual style are you using to get your message across? 

All of this needs to be considered. 

Learn how in this episode of Branding. Done.

 All in 18 minutes. 


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