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Optimise your paid media campaigns and CRO with GA4

Decoding GA4

Go beyond the basics of GA4 and learn how to use this powerful platform in our new E-Book. Develop your paid media campaigns and CRO programme with the magic of analytics!

Pick up tips and tricks from our in-house team to get the most out of GA4, from reporting to micro-conversion events in our free 16-page guide.

What’s included:

Written by our in-house team Decoding GA4 includes:

  • A brief overview of what’s changed from UA and why its changed.
  • Reporting
  • Using GA4 for conversion rate optimization
  • Using GA4 to benefit your PPC campaigns
  • Links to our step-by-step guides to further expand your learning

You’ll learn:

  • The events and metrics that matter for CRO.
  • The metrics to measure that replace bounce rate.
  • Features that will benefit your A/B testing.
  • The importance of micro-conversions for your User Experience and CRO testing.
  • The benefits for PPC and top metrics to measure.

Head to to download the full e-book for free

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